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The Best Laid Plans….

It rained today after a 6 week drought. Refreshing though it is there are still all those weekend BBQs that are now undercover instead of out in the garden. I was gonna swim at 6 am this morning –now I see it would’ve been better to go yesterday morning.

It put me in mind of all my best laid plans and how no matter how many eventualities you plan for or how focused you think you are on your vision it all goes by the boards. There are interruptions, detours, transitions and pivots.

I’m thinking of the dream I had of acting on the world stage that saw me claim my Irish citizenship and brought me London after immersing in my Irish heritage. When people ask after that dream I say “…life got in the way…” I have a friend on her IVF journey after steadfastly pursuing every holistic remedy there was –loads of healing but no baby. She is chronicling her path of Science Meets Sacred and approaching what could have been a very painful and shameful (oh yes –there it is; can’t do it all, can’t do it by myself — what’s a matter with me!?) process infusing it with all the healing and blessing and forgiveness she learned through holistic healing.

My detour included two unplanned children. But once committed — as they say in ‘InkLand’ — it was in for a penny in for a pound. I was dedicated to salvaging the situation with the perfect birth. Being the best Mother ever. Being caught out with pregnancy I would make sure I planned everything else carefully and covered my bases from here on out. Can I just say: HAHAHA

The Three of Us

Biology not being an exact science the lovely yoga natural birthing plan of baby #1 became a 36 hour ordeal with drips, epidural and stitches. Baby #2 who was almost born on the tube then delayed for two weeks. When she decided to come, she shot out in 2 hours flat! Bye-Bye water birth; not even time to fill the pool! But the end result in both cases was a healthy happy baby. And then another story began….with many more chapters. My son was diagnosed with Autism which has been a prescriptive lesson in patience for the last 18 years; lovely daughter grew from a lovely, happy, helpful child into a teenage nightmare giving new meaning to the word rebellious!

All Grown UP

It’s these uncomfortable, messy, challenging, seeming failures I look back on and see the wisdom. See the gifts. See the opportunity presented me to rise to the challenge. We grow if we let the changes inform us of other possibilities. These are your stories. Where you learn Grace Under Pressure. How sweet love is, once ’tis gone or discovered what true love is and…what it’s not. What is devotion and how is service expressed?

Whatever happens in your life

Accept it. If you deny it, it will keep coming back to trip you up and poke you like a thorn in the side which you can numb out until it destroys you or you can give it the attention it deserves and act on it in a way that grows you.

Allow it. Surrender to the path and work with it. As Rumi says: The wound is the place where the Light enters you. It’s all the lesson I’ve learned that inform my practice and allow me to recognise in you your most powerful rich stories. See where it takes you.

Include it into your life as you continue to navigate all the twists and turns; troughs and peaks. Metamorphosis occurs.

The acting dream? WELL you’ll be happy to know that I found teaching LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) allowed me to continue to deepen my acting craft. I joined a group of North American Actors here in the UK and have performed in a variety of plays and commercial productions. I also found a community of storytellers where I could express my truth performing in schools, clubs and festivals traditional tales containing all the knowledge of those who have gone before. Now I work with Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders to present their good ideas as a story so we can all benefit.

For your next presentation –no need to dread it or put your head down and just get through it. Impart some wisdom. It’s your truth. Tell it!