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Staci Boyer
Dec 22, 2018 · 2 min read

It is the new year and we all want to set a new set of goals and go gangbusters to achieve them. NOW WHAT?

The biggest mistake that we all make is setting unrealistic expectations for the new year. We set resolutions, goals and promises — then create an imaginary timeline of January. There is no way we can do 10 new things in January and be successful. Here is my suggestion.

watercolor journal by karenika.com
  1. Write all your promises for yourself — in a LIST — for the new year in a journal.
  2. Pick only ONE for each month. (IN ORDER OR PRIORITY FOR YOU)- write the month next to it.
  3. ORGANIZE THIS — Give each promise its own page
  4. THE NEXT 12 PAGES will become your outline for your year.
  5. Break each promise down into at least 4 action steps and one accountability factor. (taking photos, checking in with a friend or coach, setting up a reward system of a treat meal or retail purchase etc)
  6. NOW — set a realistic completion % that you know you will be ok with at the end of the year. Example if you set 12 goals and achieved 6 — will you be happy with 50%? THIS % accomplishment will also require a reward.

NOTES for you to remember.

Your successes are in direct proportion to your efforts.

Be better than YOUR OWN yesterday.

Do not try to chase someones else’s definition of perfection.


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