Pace yourself

Staci Boyer
Dec 21, 2017 · 1 min read

Dear Woman,

Pace yourself…

Embrace the vibrance

of your youth -

Cherish the child you will always

hear in your own laugher and

Hold fast to the fire in your soul

Look towards the future but know

How your past shapes that journey and never discount it

Don’t rush life

Enjoy life

Live life

Be present in YOUR life

Take time to strip away the material

and the superficial, now- remember the

essence of who you are.

That giggle, that bonfire, that electricity…

those things are your powers.

They exist because- you exist.

Pace yourself

Fan the flame

Don’t race past joy…

Embrace it…

Staci Boyer

Model: Amanda Nobles

Photographer: Will Edwards

Copyright© Staci Boyer / Motiv8nu. All Rights Reserved.

All creative and intellectual property produced by Staci Boyer / Motiv8nu/ or Team Motiv8nu are protected by copyright law. No image or written excerpt may be sold, edited, reproduced, published or distributed in any form or by any means whatsoever without prior written permission from Staci Boyer

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Staci Boyer

Written by

Author of Motiv8n’U | 12 yr Navy CorpsVET | Lifestyle Architect| Motivational Speaker |Writer of Dear Woman empowerment letters | #Motiv8nU4Real | #StaciSpeak

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