Show up for yourself

Staci Boyer
Nov 16, 2018 · 2 min read


Remember what you stand for — and just like our parents told us,

if we don’t — then we will fall for anything.

Also — know this… the most important thing to stand up for



Everyone will want you to be present for them, to show up for them,


Be present for #YOU.

Show up for YOU.

Keep your cup full — then you can pour from it, to help others..

But please note — not everyone will want what you have in your cup…

AND — That is OK!

Stay aware and watchful. Keep yourself a #priority. Do not be the #victim,

Refill your cup -

Stay #grateful, and #humble, and #loving.

Continue to give and to #nurture,

but — please be careful to keep your own heart safe in the process.

Finally — Please stand solid in your own #truth… it may not be someone else’s idea for you- but it is undoubtably- YOURS.


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