i saw my city last night


and as i walked

i spoke to the wind

and she sang me a song

and i know it’s not mine

i know that it’s not


and it would feel like a crime

to sing it out

but still, i’d like to hold it

for a time


to feel it

to understand it

to become it

for just a while


i’d like to know what really makes you smile and

i’d like to know what notes you sing

when you’re all alone

at night


when no one knows that you cry


i passed through a thriving Times Square

pulsing, and brighter than the sun

yet, i felt no peace nor presence there

and i wondered, as i walked


i’d like to know why she once moved you so and

i’d like to know why you had to go and

i’d like to know when you’ll return

someday, maybe soon


i’d like to hear what you long to say

when you look up at the moon

and do you still think of her

while you love your someplace-new


it’s quieter there, i know

but does she light up your soul

does she tease your control

the same way our gritty Gotham once could?


and do you long for someone new, too?

someone more like you

someone who feels this magic

someone who paints in shades of blue, too


it’s simple, you see

i’d like to know you

just a bit

just for a moment

just the truth

and i promise you this

i promise


i’ll set you free, i’ll let you be

please, just give me this 3:53

just let me learn your song

it just feels so brand new


i’ll return it when i’m through

i’ll give this longing back to you

but not just yet

if you please


i want to see you smile

for a while


i want to see what songs you might sing

once you really start to believe