Initialize and Authorize API Client

Stacie Taylor-Cima
Apr 25, 2018 · 2 min read

class Kele
include HTTParty
# Creates a new Kele client authorized with a username and password
# Params: username = string, password = string
def initialize(email, password)
# Use the httparty class method .post to send a post request to the sessions endpoint of Bloc’s API with the email and password in the body of the request.
response ="sessions"), body: {"email": email, "password": password})
# The @auth_token instance variable holds the authorization token provided by Bloc's API upon verifying successful username and password.
@auth_token = response["auth_token"]
# If the username and password are invalid, Bloc's API will not return an authorization token.
puts "There was a problem authorizing those credentials. Please try again." if @auth_token.nil?
# Bloc's API URL
# Params: endpoint = string

def api_url(endpoint)

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