Why Wednesday

❓Why do I use oils? Why do I love them so much? Why talk about them all the time? Why post about them so frequently❓

💥I would answer those questions with “why not”💥

🍔If you went to a new restaurant and the food was amazing and the service was the best you’ve ever had and the price was reasonable, wouldn’t you want to tell your friends to try it out? Yes, you would, because I see posts every day about all of your life experiences‼️And I appreciate those posts because I want to know your experiences so I can try them for myself 🍴

👉🏼The difference between you and me? Nothing, except I post about oils because they have changed my life. I no longer take thyroid meds (on the advice of my Dr.) because the oils help to control my levels. I no longer take Claritin because the oils give me the respiratory support I need. I no longer take Motrin when I have a headache because I have oils that help relieve the headache discomfort‼️👈🏼

🚫I will never go back to taking these things because I HAVE WHAT I NEED in the oils👍🏼

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Or you can email me stacisallaboutoils@gmail.com

#whywednesday #essentialoils 💞💦

I hope today is having an amazing you!!

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