Webster’s dictionary definition
My definition of social media is….A place to connect with friends, acquaintances and family. A place to keep up with people’s lives that you may not be able to if it weren’t for the internet. A place to learn and grow and be thoughtful.

👍🏼Many of us also use social media to grow our businesses and to gain contacts that we may not be able to without it. I have met some amazing people through online communication‼️ BUT, I have a confession!!

Most of the time I am posting TO facebook instead of ON facebook. I’m yelling to all the people on facebook “Hey, I have a special” or “who wants to join me with this”.

What’s the difference❓ Posting TO facebook is like I said 👆🏼and posting ON facebook is just being yourself, talking about your day, sincerely caring about someone, being a friend, being thoughtful‼️

💥I am part of an amazing social coaching group called Adventure Social Coach. And as part of our coaching we were told that we need to start making 1% changes. Over time these SMALL changes become BIG changes. If you need some super coaching for social media, you can check it out here!!💥 He also did a live event on facebook last night where he talks about these 1% changes and that event is available for 24 hours. Here is the link to the FB event if you are interested 😀

🙄So why am I telling you that I’m a terrible facebook poster, I’m not always thoughtful, I’m inconsistent and I have a tendency to yell “buy this”?
🔷Because this is my 1% change today‼️ I want to be held accountable when I’m doing the things that I know I shouldn’t be doing on social media. I want someone to tell me that I am not being thoughtful.🔷
Being called out may not be comfortable but change sometimes means being uncomfortable!!

🚀As always, thanks for reading and I hope today has an amazing you🚀