SOS News — 20th March 2019

Welcome to a new release of SOS News. We have so many things to tell you, so let’s go!

Major service update

During the update, which was held on 17th March, we have applied the new frontend technology. It helps to completely separate the client and the server. This improvement makes our service more reliable and scalable, add additional interface application speed and security.

StackOfStake active users have already experienced great interface performance boost comparing to previous website version:

  • Dashboard loading speed — x3 times faster
  • History loading speed — x2.5 time faster
  • Stats page loading speed — x5 times faster
  • Other website sections loading speed — up to x5 times faster
From now, Service Stats are loading really fast!

Now we are ready to move to the next important roadmap milestones: Mobile Applications and Public API. See details in the next paragraphs.

StackOfStake mobile applications Closed Beta Test

The long waited StackOfStake mobile applications are almost ready to release! Better than mobile wallet, easier to use than any service. Your favourite coins will always be in your pocket, unceasingly providing a passive income.

History page of StackOfStake mobile app

The development and internal testing went smooth. Now, our team would like to share the results with the community and invite you to take part in the Closed Beta Test!

If you like to be the first person to use StackOfStake mobile application (android, ios), please, fill this form and join our Discord server.

The most active beta testers will receive the Rocket Tester role at our official Discord server and permanent 10% fee reduction.

Public API

We have already created a number of APIs for internal use. The development of Public API is on testing and implementation stage. Currently, we are working with one of the future partners, that will integrate with us. Our teams are running testing, discussing required changes and improvements.

StackOfStake API will allow everyone to connect own service/website and start earning with us

We are not ready to reveal the details yet, but everything goes according to the roadmap. Public API is expected to be released in April 2019.

Premium plan paid in SCRIV

This is another high priority direction of our development. We will have a number of unique analysis and usability features united into one subscription plan called StackOfStake Premium. It will add a new use case for SCRIV and allows its natural circulation inside and outside our ecosystem.

The detailed list and description of these features will be released in the one of next SOS News!

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