The StacksCity team started the new year right by expanding their knowledge as well as connections. Last January, team members attended the Pacific Telecommunications Council Conference for 2020 (PTC 20), which ran between January 19 and 22 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The conference explored key business and technology trends in the telecommunications sector. It’s important for the team to stay up to date with the fascinating changes in the industry, including 5G, wireless, emerging applications, and shifting regulatory regulations.

PTC runs every year and is a must-attend international conference for the telecommunications industry around the world.

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During the semi-finals of the competition, StacksCity introduced the vision, plan, and progress of the project.

Caohejing Hi-Tech Carnival is the most significant branding event of the Shanghai Caohejing Hi-Tech Park. The 4th Caohejing Hi-Tech Carnival will be held from September 3 to September 6, and this will be a great chance to comprehensively demonstrate an innovative ecological system featuring elements such as a new technology, model, and industry.

During the semi-finals of the competition, StacksCity introduced the vision, plan, and progress of the project and also answered questions from the guests.

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This year’s competition has been launched and will be focused on the three areas of deep technology, medical health, and overseas innovation projects. In terms of rewards, it will provide semi-finalists a one-on-one opportunity to meet companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Saint-Gobain, Cisco, Bosch, BMW, Philips, Shanghai Electric, etc., as well as free half-year office space rental in the Caohejing Park. The winners of the finals will also be directly connected with the finals of the “Creator China” and “The Battle of the Gods” in Shanghai and will gain exposure in mainstream media platforms such as Liberation Daily and Shangguan News. …

StacksCity participates in the China-Colombia Economic and Trade Forum

On July 30th, the “China-Colombia Economic and Trade Forum” was held at the Shanghai Hongqiao Guest House with Colombian President Iván Duque Márquez in attendance and delivering a speech. The forum was hosted by the Colombian Trade and Investment Tourism Bureau and co-organized by the Shanghai International Trade Promotion Council and the Shanghai International Chamber of Commerce. More than 250 representatives from both Chinese and Colombian entrepreneurs participated. The Shanghai International Chamber of Commerce co-organized the event to invite entrepreneurs from Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region to participate.

StacksCity was invited to the forum. In May, StacksCity joined La Conexion in Medellin and the forum was another step in strengthening business ties with Colombia. …


StacksCity Project

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