StacksCity Goes Global: First Stop, Colombia

StacksCity Project
Jun 26 · 3 min read

After careful consideration and analysis, StacksCity has finally gone global. It’s not just changing the way people connect to IoT devices but also delivering greater network coverage globally.

While the StacksCity team has been focused on perfecting the product for the international launch, the company has also been actively reaching out to partners around the world, most successfully in Colombia, India and Russia — three countries that show great opportunity and interest in the StacksCity solution to deliver better connectivity to their citizens.

The need for better and more reliable bandwidth is a basic utility oftentimes missing in many regions in the world. For StacksCity, this is a chance to not only build the city of the future through IoT connectivity but also to improve the livelihood of millions by providing more reliable bandwidth coverage for everyone in the city.

StacksCity’s international debut was made at La Conexion 2019, a forum designed to connect Asia and Latin America to discuss innovative technologies.

The event was held in Medellin, Colombia, where the municipal and federal governments have proactively taken the initiative and are actively facilitating innovation, from blockchain to the IoT. StacksCity found great support from the Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area (ACI Medellin) and ProColombia, the Colombian government agency that promotes Colombian non-traditional exports, international tourism and foreign investment, as well as the staff of La Conexion. Aside from setting up meetings with local stakeholders, StacksCity also got to introduce the StacksCity Router on stage and to many interested attendees from the telecommunications industry and the Initiative Medellin 2030.

The Colombia debut was fruitful and led to discussions and initial proposals that evolve around various opportunities: business development partnerships for router deployment with local businesses; technological partnerships for software and hardware with regional partners to implement additional sensors in the StacksCity Router to allow long-range connectivity; and strategic partnerships with regional telecommunication and broadband companies. The partnerships in discussion vary in nature, from a simple provider relationship to that of a strategic partner for router deployment to existing broadband clients.

As StacksCity’s first international appearance, La Conexion and Medellin have firmly confirmed that Latin America as a region and its companies and its people are ready to embrace innovation and change.

The StacksCity booth drew a lot of attention and attracted curious individuals lining up and government officials and multinational corporations (MNCs) alike.

There were inquiries from individual and institutional investors aimed at product development and possibility to acquire routers or a stake in StacksCity Colombia, signaling market interest and the potential for StacksCity adoption in developing countries overall. Talks with regard to financial investment from local investors are in progress and StacksCity will announce publicly once an agreement is finalized. Individuals who signified a desire to use StacksCity have been engaged as Ambassadors for the local community through the StacksCity Ambassador Program.

Given the successful debut and the traction gained among all stakeholders, StacksCity hired its first employee in Colombia to focus on the domestic market and be in charge of preparing the market and proceeding to form partnerships with advertisers and telecommunication companies. In the coming months, StacksCity will further expand the business and roll out its Ambassador Program to aid in business development and router deployment on the ground across more cities.

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StacksCity Project

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