When you forgive, you in no way change the past — but you sure do change the future. ~B. Meltzer

I recently wrote a story about my journey with Lyme disease and in my story, I spoke a little bit about how I forgave those that emotionally hurt me during…

The Global Lyme Alliance Tweets out the MIA story for Lyme awareness.


Experts in the medical and scientific community, as well as key legislators, have deemed Lyme disease an epidemic. Warning to all… Lyme is a national public health crisis. How much do you really know about Lyme disease?

The first step towards change is spreading awareness in a truthful way —

I am still fighting Lyme disease, in search of remission, and a little…

Stacy Cellier-Gomez

International Author-professional Lyme fighter- qualified medical BS detector-experienced muse w/helping others battling illness-Lyme awareness advocate- friend

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