4 tips to make your travel money last longer

You’ve heard all the savings tips before — ‘travel in the off (-40°C) season’, ‘stay in hostels (with 13 other roomies)’ and ‘visit less popular destinations, like Canberra’.

Whilst some of these may work for the stingiest of travellers, a good holiday should balance affordability with fun. We’ve put together a list of a few more reasonable hacks to help you save money during your next trip.

Take a Break(fast) from Eating Out

This tip is particularly useful anywhere in Europe where quality muesli and yoghurt is easily available and eating out for every meal is not an option. First, grab a 500g-1kg bag of muesli for about $5 and buy (or ‘borrow’) a spoon. Every morning, wander across to the nearest convenience store and grab a 150g tub of yoghurt of your choosing for about $1. Eat a spoonful or two of yoghurt to create room for the muesli then mix in the desired amount of muesli. Voila! You now have a filling, yummy breakfast for $1.50.

The best bit? You don’t have to do any cleaning afterwards. Simply throw the tub in the recycling bin, lick the spoon clean and pack the muesli securely away in your backpack.

Give Meat a Miss

Being a vegetarian is not only great for the environment and animal welfare, it’s also super friendly to your hip pocket. This holds especially true for countries like India where being vego or vegan is the norm and cooked meat is hard (and expensive) to come by. Plus, when you see some of the questionable ways meat is cooked and stored in some places, you’ll be glad you stuck with fried rice! Then again, 48 hours of food poisoning will free you from eating all together 🤢… Joking, joking.

Sleep for Cheap

Two of the biggest expenses on an overseas trip is accommodation and transport. Why not kill two birds with one stone by booking an overnight train, bus or ferry so you can get some shut eye on the move? And if you’re tossing up between an hour’s flight or a 12 hour overnight bus ride, don’t forget the additional transport costs of getting to and from the airport to the city. Sure, buses aren’t the comfiest way to sleep (unless you’re one of those blessed souls who can sleep through an 8 point something earthquake in Japan) but hey, your bank account will thank you for it later 😉

Buy it there

While it’s good to be prepared, sometimes it’s worth waiting to buy your travel stuff until you arrive at your destination. I recently tackled Everest Base Camp and found it was sooo much cheaper to buy simple things like socks and beanies in Kathmandu, Nepal rather than the Kathmandu store, Sydney. There was a heap of variety, the quality was sufficient and the clothing was totally suitable for the negative temperatures that I’d never experienced back at home. Besides, when you’re on a tight-ass travel budget and the shopkeeper doesn’t take card, the chance of you embarking on a $500 shopping spree is essentially nil.

Since you’re here…

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Have any other tried-and-tested travel hacks for saving money? Add them in the comments box below!

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