5 Next Level Tips to Help You Up-level

I know this word “up-level” gets tossed around a lot, but it’s still a word I use quite often as it seems to hit the mark for me whenever I am shifting energetically and emotionally.

This process of transforming into a new level of awareness means everything has to re-arrange. Your thinking, your frequency, and your body systems all need to bump up and be able to hold this new you, before you can call it a day.

Sometimes this process runs smoothly… and sometimes it’s like, “Holy crap! What’s going on here?!” One part of the process goes off the rail and your up-leveling isn’t leveling up.

You hit a wall.

You might not be able to shift your thinking or get out of the old patterns you hold. Maybe you get sick or toss your back out in response to either your own resistance or how quickly an internal shift happens, and your body has to catch up. Or maybe you’re not fully into the most aligned energy you need to be in, which is why things still feel like they aren’t working.

There can be a myriad of reasons why you aren’t quite able to shift up and move on. It’s usually not just one thing.

When you’re stuck in your process of moving up into something new, you’ve gotta look at all of you — body, mind, and spirit — to hit the up-level button.

So here you go, if you find you’re hitting your own wall when it comes to your personal and spiritual growth (your up-leveling) then check out these 5 tips:

Bring it down to earth.

Get out of all the fancy-pants 5D energy stuff and get real. Get grounded and observe how you move through the world. Sometimes the best “energy work” you can do is to focus on what you are doing (or not doing).

Too often energy-aware folks get stuck in always searching for solutions in the energy… and yet that’s not where you need to work. The answers are more earthly. Staying focused in the energy can actually be a form of resistance and hold you back even more.

So do your meditation and healing work, then get up, get out of the house and take action. This is where the Universe will show you what you need to do next.

Focus on Your Body

Your body will hold all kinds of crap, and it’s never really willing to just let go. You need to help it. That’s why I work with my essential oils. The body needs a bridge between where it’s at, and the new energy you are asking it to embody, and essential oils are really good with that.

So those headaches, backaches, and levels of inflexibility that your body shows you… those are signs you might be holding back from the change you seek. Look for resistance. Lean into where you don’t want to go and let your body know it’s OK.

If you are in the midst of letting go of all kinds of energy, your body has to work hard to re-arrange itself to hold the new frequency you are calling in, so you’ll need to be extra nice to it then too. Know that the bigger the shift… the bigger the release. If your body needs to let go, and you find yourself a sickie, just know that you are clearing out.

No matter what, pay attention to what you feel emotionally and physically. Listen to what your body needs to clear out and find the new normal at the physical level.

Be Willing to Get Help from Someone New to You

When you are the problem, meaning your thinking is stuck in an old pattern or your mind wants to keep spinning around something old that your spirit is so done with, it’s impossible to up-level on your own.

It just is.

You can’t see your stuff… especially if you keep looking in all the usual places. And that goes for always working with the same modalities.

Buck up and get help. Invest in you. Work with someone that will take you where you need to go. You will be glad you did.

Listen to Your Language/Observe Your Reality

Any time things aren’t shifting as quickly as you wish, listen to your words and your thoughts. When you really listen to the words you use, and what they mean, you’ll see where you can put some attention and shift your thinking. You might also start to hear what other people are saying that you’ve been immersed in and not noticing, that now feels off to you.

You also want to look at the world you have created around you. If you keep experiencing something that you don’t like, stop and think for a moment, “It’s not them… it’s me!”

Not to play the blame game here, but your reality will show you where the problem is. It may show up in the conversations you have with friends or the experiences you have, but if you really break down what your reality is like, you can begin to see where you are stuck in some old energetic mindset.

Do New Things

I never believed this one, but it does work. You gotta shake things up sometimes!

Push yourself into new experiences. Do things that challenge you or make you a little afraid. Heck, it might even just be mixing up the ordinary in your life by driving home from work via a new route or heading out of town for a day trip.

Doing new things re-programs you in certain ways. It will help shake up your thinking so you see things with fresh eyes.

Try this stuff and see what works!

I know I can get in a rut. I’m the first person to tell you that I can keep trying the same thing over and over hoping that maybe just this time I will learn something new. (I know, crazy.)

So shake up your routine and focus on something new when you need to up-level and you feel stuck. I know you know this… but I will say it anyway: for something new to happen, you must do something new!

How do you want to take your life to the next level?

If you’d like a few more tips on working through what gets you stuck, I wrote an e-book called, 6 Transformational Life Lessons. Less Struggle. More Awareness. Because You’ve Got Stuff to Do. You can grab your copy here.

Originally published at www.theeverydaylightworker.com on June 20, 2017.