Put down the strategies. Instead, figure out what matters, personally.

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The shift from talking about your healing business as a powerful modality to sharing a personal message about matters most to you is the best way to grow your business.

Your business will change and so will you.

I don’t hear people talking about “up-leveling” that much these days. But you claiming what matters about what you do is how your business can become a gift to level up — personally, spiritually, energetically… all of it.

Do that, and your business will follow.

I certainly think about making money with…

Two women talking
Two women talking
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You’ve got your coaching certificate, and you’re ready to get out there, seeing clients. If you’re like most new coaches, you’re wondering where to start. Or maybe you’ve jumped in with both feet, only to realize getting your work to work isn’t as easy as you thought it would be.

There can be a lot of pressure to “just start.” We’ve all seen the “leap and the net will appear” memes. And there’s a common idea in the coaching world to begin, even if you don’t feel ready. …

Stacy Vajta, Business Clarity Coach. www.StacyVajta.com
Stacy Vajta, Business Clarity Coach. www.StacyVajta.com
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There’s no way around it. As a solopreneur, you wear all the hats in your business, at least in the beginning. Chances are, you’ve jumped in head-first and are learning to fly as you go.

Heads up: one of the hardest roles you’ll need to figure out is “social media manager.”

It has been for me, anyway.

Initially, my strategy was to be everywhere. Almost anyway. That’s kind of what I was taught. I mean, I watched all the master-class webinars telling me that I needed to be on Facebook with a page and a group, doing live videos and…

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Some thoughts on how to find your message. To stand out with your business and stand up for what you are here to do.

Before the selling, the social media posts and heading off to network, you’ve got to know what you have to say through your business. You need to do the inner work to know what your message is and what your business is all about.

Starting at the beginning isn’t where most of us start. 90% of the people I work with have been doing their thing for a while. They learned a modality or a skill and focused on that.

And that worked until it didn’t.

If you’ve gotten out there and started offering sessions and workshops and programs without…

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Having a message that comes through your business is important. It’s how you anchor what makes you and your work unique.

It’s how you show up to your ideas and stand in the power of the impact you want to make. It unites your community, who grows to trust you enough to work with you or buy your offerings.⠀

And these days, it’s really hard to grow a business if you’re not clear about what you have to say about this work you do. Not the modality, the authentic message that expresses what matters to you.

Figuring out what your…

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I think there are two kinds of entrepreneurs.

One sees a need “out there,” and then creates a business to address that. These entrepreneurs may tackle their business by coming to know a proven model or a series of steps and sales funnels that fit them. Then, they set it loose.

This works for them and how they move through the world; it’s right.

However, there’s another kind of entrepreneur; one who has a need… a seed that is asking to be planted, cared for, and grown. Their work is an expression of who they are.

The only way their…

man sitting in window at work. The day job.
man sitting in window at work. The day job.
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Ah. The old day job. As a solopreneur, the idea of having to get a job may sound like the kiss of death. It’s a struggle I see in my work, a lot. As often as I talk with clients about when to fly the coop, I talk to them about getting a job.

It’s usually a topic fraught with emotion.

I think in the healing and coaching world especially, there are a lot of people who leap into their business before fully understanding what that business is all about; what they need to know to make it successful.


Stacy Vajta, business clarity coach and mentor
Stacy Vajta, business clarity coach and mentor

Creating a business as a solo-preneur can be tricky, despite all the “how-to” offerings from the business coaching world.

Most of us who want to create a soulful business as a healer or a coach don’t come out of business school with a plan, angel investors, and a marketing team ready to make things happen. Nope. It’s more like we have a dream and we are finding our way in the dark.

That was me for sure; it’s also how my clients say they feel.

It’s actually taken me years, and I do mean years, to come to recognize what…

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So, you’ve finished your training, gotten your certification or degree and you’re ready to work with people creating deep transformation. You’ve spent months, maybe years, preparing; you’ve been through your own deep transformation as well.

For those who feel called to create a soulful business, the next step here is to leap into making that so. You hang your shingle; maybe you get a business coach to help you create programs and products and you learn how to have heartfelt sales conversations.

You start “the doing,” as I say.

I know that was the track I followed. It’s how every…

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Let me begin by saying I’m not one who naturally gets out there and networks. Despite having a part of me that loves to lead and I can get up in front of a room to speak, walking into a networking event turns me into an immediate wallflower.

Over the years of growing my soulful business, I’ve had to continually re-define how I approached networking to suit my introverted ways and how I want to show up to my work.

In working with healers and coaches, and having so many healers in my community, I see the same fears and…

Stacy Vajta

www.StacyVajta.com ~ Get clarity, then do your thing. Find your voice; claim who you are and what you’re here to do. Helping you do that is my thing.

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