Being a Sniper Doesn’t Begin With the Shot

A Year in the Bag — Reflect, Reconfigure and Refocus.

I do 3 things every single day.

  1. Write in my Journal
  2. Focus on 1 Affirmation
  3. Read thoroughly 1 Law of the 48 Laws of Power

I want to discuss the 3rd daily task in this article. It goes hand in hand with the topic of moving forward. Let’s look at this law a bit deeper for the lessons. Each point below was taken from The 48 Laws of Power Blogspot page here.

In the realm of power, you must be guided by reason. 
 · To let a momentary thrill or an emotional victory influence or guide your moves — will prove fatal. When you attain success, step back. 
 · Be cautious. When you gain victory, understand the part played by the circumstances of a situation.
 · Never simply repeat the same actions again and again. 
 · History is littered with the ruins of victorious empires and the corpses of leaders who could not learn to stop and consolidate their gains.
 · The powerful vary their rhythms and patterns, change course, adapt to circumstance, and learn to improvise.
 · You must step back and look where you are going. 
 · Control your emotions and come to a kind of mental halt when you have attained success. 
 · Steady yourself, give yourself the space to reflect on what has happened.
 · Examine the role of circumstance and luck in your success. 
 · You have to be able to control yourself before you can control the other

People want things to be how they used to be all the time. Marketing ( I wish it were back to the good ol days, billboards and door hangers.) Music. (I wish they release an album like the classic one.) People. (I wish were still doing the same things, partying and hanging out) Family. (I wish you were still my little baby boy)

I get caught up in this some time, and realize it is a mechanism that holds you back. You look at previous success and want it back. You can’t get it back. You need new goals. New realizations. New experiences.

To move to a new space you must examine your previous successes and failures and reflect from a bird’s eye view. You don’t want to magnify any part of your steps because you must avoid repeating. Once you begin trying to duplicate or replicate these actions — you will not benefit your own growth. You gotta get real honest with yourself enough to see where you could optimize and refocus. Success is a daily game, not a destination. For every mistake you corrected, you succeeded. For every chance you took on yourself, it drenched in success. Look at things from a perspective of someone moving forward.

Strategy and purposeful direction with an end goal in mind is totally where I am at.

For the past year, I shot videos, did many interviews, started things and stopped things — I just wanted to be heard and get attention. Now that you got attention…you should watch closely how you say things, what you say and the time you say it. It’s all part of the game. The game that you create.

There are some dirt bags that just shoot off the lip. I am a sniper, waiting for the perfect shot. But, you must know how to shoot — you must absorb information and knowledge, you must listen. Then you must know how to put your gun together. That means, how the information is disseminated, implemented and used. There is a great body of stuff to learn and implement. You may be putting your gun together backwards or it may be taking you too long. Then you must buy a case to carry your equipment. This means you must invest in the thing. You must move yourself into another market. The commercial market. You must be willing to invest in the best gear, clothing, boots — You are a sniper not a raggedy, rusty 38-gun holder, shooting blanks in the woods. After this is complete, you have got to learn to travel and stay nimble behind the scenes. You are watching the target, never losing sight of the goal in mind. You are moving forward … always one step ahead of everyone else. Then you have got to get to high ground. Physical and mental fitness comes into play here. Your body, your energy and your alignment with strength must be recognized. It could be weeks, months, years before you finally see your target. Then you aim. The wind is off. Your brain must be optimized. Highly controlled. Steady hands. … All of this before you pull the damn trigger.

“As you can see being a sniper doesn’t start with the shot.”

That’s the end goal. Killing the target. It begins with personal development. Self-improvement, strategy, balance, focus, energy, mindset, goals, endurance, persistence, love, failure, planning, positioning, being, and skill.

Know where you are. Begin to self-assess. Do not let success or your idea of success get in the way of future successes and your actual true target. Be deliberate. Momentum is not everything. Do not just do things to do things. Look around and feel out the situation, you learn much through observation.

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I am moving ahead now! This past year was one hell of a ride. My first show on Grant Cardone TV was Monday, August 29th 2016. I am writing this on my birthday today, Tuesday, August 29th 2017. It has been a year. Now it’s time to really get uncomfortable!

Stacy A. Cross

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