Don’t Aim to Be Liked or Admired. Be Yourself Whether They Love or Hate You!

A huge time waster is contemplating and worrying about what other people think of you. You live your life around an external factor which does not place you in favor of winning at the game you set out to play.

When I first came inside a certain eco-system of entrepreneurs online, I realized that it was one big popularity contest. I mean people with no lives and no jobs, getting in arguments about who is liked more. People trying to fit in, trying to be someone worth hearting. It’s a shame.

I never was one to play baby games — I rather move left and keep right. Keep discipline around my routine, show appreciation and do it my way! Frank Sinatra is a legend not because he was trying to be Dean Martin. Biggie was an amazing lyricist, not because he aimed to please everyone.

I know a bunch of people that love Tupac over Biggie — it’s a stupid war basic people put against two greats that put their heart, feelings, opinions, and personality out for the world to criticize.

I know many people who are killer artists, authors, entrepreneurs and influencers that are great because they don’t care if they are liked. They know they are being true to who they are.

This is uncomfortable.

If you are the type to care so deeply about what others think about you — you may need to first, grab The Comfort Killers Starter Pack

Second, watch the video below and leave me a comment about where you currently are. Are you living up to someone’s opinion of you? Or are you like Valentina Lisitsa [SC1] killing Beethoven’s “Moonlight” Sonata Op 27 #2 Mov 3 and doing what she loves?

Look for yourself, not everyone will like or admire you. In fact, get more haters! Get them to hate that they cannot be their true self and hate you for having the guts and courage be YOURSELF.

Be true to your product and your purpose!

Remain totally uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross