I Am Documenting My Journey to Success in Life and Business — This is Why.

My quest has always been to be someone successful, leaving impact and influencing millions. Ever since I was a kid, I knew there was something special about me and what I was interested in but I also knew that I was the only thing holding me back from achieving great success.

I was addicted to total failure, compromise, drugs, gambling and self pity. I grew up believing that success wasn’t for someone like me. See, I knew I was a lesbian, black and a woman. These three things alone would haunt me growing up. I look at my person now as a triple threat!

The good news is I was always creative and had that entrepreneurial spirit at an early age. Whether it was shoveling snow for extra money, publishing newsletters, creating music and record labels (bedroom productions..haha), writing short stories and plays, building websites, throwing yard sales or starting a small t-shirt brand.

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I didn’t realize that what was holding me back from really succeeding in any of these earlier interests was me. Why though? I had it in me. I really wanted to create and felt creative most of the time. My thinking was tainted, my behavior wasn’t aligned and my actions wouldn’t match up. See, after gaining a little experience in my previous ventures, and the work would require more time and effort — I would quit. Same thing I did for nursing school and jobs I had. I would just quit. I would reach a mark which required an investment, more people, expansion, focus and dedication. I quit.

I was negative about work. Negative concepts around money. My grandparents came to America in search of the American Dream. My parents, 30 years later, are still in search. What went wrong? Where was the disconnect?

I believe that if it weren’t for all my previous failures, heartache, depression, and addiction then I wouldn’t be ready to show you how I changed it all. How I was able to #1. start a company #2. stick to the goals of building a company #3. see results from the work. I wouldn’t be able to now host my show, The Comfort Killers, on going show on Grant Cardone TV networks. I wouldn’t have walked out of that seminar on Valentine’s Day. The day, I fell in total love with myself and my mission.

This is what I am documenting. This is how I can support the millions and succeed by providing value in the self improvement space, which was missing The #1 Comfort Killer. During this journey, I explained everything from conventional wisdom and how it will kill you, I exploited these outdated theories from artists telling us we must meditate all day and find balance, when we must actually do the work. It’s the same voice everywhere, delivering the same bullshit message about success.

I am here to say, yes! Success is hard. And you should be happy it is!

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross