I thought you’d get interested….


A wired way of starting…a clincher…I lacked for Ijust wanna write what Ifeel,not what the society would look at and say..

“hmm this should be ratted,I’d put it at 2 3 4 stars,”No i write stuff people would feel.This is my first on Medium so this is it…..

I know of this woman who had a heart.Every one Has a heart,that i know ,but for this lady its an exception.Before her friend died,the friend left her daughters and property in the hands of this lady.lets call her H.And she said

“H,don't let my kids suffer”,and with that her soul slipped away.H took care of her daughters.they were around 14(eldest) and10.Now these girls are all in uni,one doing economics finance.How ever,something changed.They all feel they have now all grown and therefore don't need lady H.They are currently demanding for the estates and moving out of the city,well our lady H has to give them up.To the word.She did do her part.

What am Isaying people,Be grateful.H deserves some respect,one day the two daughters will,one day you will,one day i will