Productivity during a Pandemic

pandemic (/panˈdɛmɪk/)

adjective — (of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world

noun- an outbreak of a pandemic disease.

A screenshot of completed google Digital Marketing modules
A screenshot of completed google Digital Marketing modules

As I write this, the globe as it is is at a standstill. With barrels of oil, as enriching and expensive , lay still at the mines, their worth decreasing as time passes. This is my first wide region crisis that I fully understand what is going on and at stake. In 2014–2016, the Ebola virus swept greater parts of Western Africa . An epidemic. I was still in high school, not fully understanding the magnitude of the effects of such mass infections.Almost …

The end of the semester was here and there is nothing amazing like knowing for the next three months, I had no educational obligation whatsoever. The feeling also came with concern for me about the future. We, as humans have been programmed to think of the future, how we will survive. I had to think ahead, about my semester 2.1.

Driven with that natural instinct, I was open to working anywhere, even at a library. A place I have no experience and totally out of my comfort zone. I am a reader, an avid one. I have been a member of the national library since 2012 and that was how my interest in books started so the idea of working in it fascinated me because, boy oh boy, imagine being surrounded by books all day, everyday. …

They say when you do something, give it your best. That is what I did subconsciously for the two Open Digital Library on Traditional Games jams held in Kisumu and Mombasa that gave me an opportunity to attend the consultative meeting on the same in Paris. It was very unexpected as even as I was being asked of my availability during the period of the meeting I never thought I would be required to visit an embassy. I thought it would happen in a town in Kenya but as fate would have it, it was another opportunity for me to spend almost seven hours in a tin can several thousand feet above the ground. …

Truth be told, I had never heard of Netexplo until the day they @ us on Twitter. Very casually, asking for a follow do that we can DM. For me it was odd. Any “big” company would have sought other more “formal” ways of reaching out to the team. But as fate would have it. Twitter. Fingers crossed, I waited for the 25th February to know whether or not we had been selected as one of the top ten innovations before I could even tell the team of the opportunity. We made it. Unbelievable.

On the 15th April, purity and I get our passports stamped at border control, JKIA, ready for Paris. We were excited about the trip for two reasons. One, we were going to pitch our idea at an elevating stage and two, we were going to see our friends from Clit Révolution. …

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Imagine me drinking from it. :)

Last year, I joined Technovation as a student. It was one of the best years of my life (so far) since my team and I managed to pitch in Silicon Valley at the Global Pitch Summit. You can get my story here.

This year, however, I was a coach/mentor/chaperone.Last year, I had made a pact with myself that I would be a mentor and offer other girls a shot at tech. I had zero experience in this but so did my co-mentor ,Nora Sekah. Here we were, in a school that was participating in the Technovation challenge for the first time and we were new to this whole mentoring thing. Nora, however, believed that I had it all figured out because I was not new in this program. Crazy, I know. …

ODLTG Kenya…part two

If you did not read part one, I suggest you do it here so as to have the flow of my learning.

On the 26th April, we still discussed Traditional games. The session was led by Kev Nyaoga and you can find the slides here. I have never known that even games have been classified. We have the:

  1. Cheska classification where games are classified under
  • Games of physical skills-physical and motor skills(endurance, strength, agility)
  • Games of strategy-rational choices and decision-making
  • Verbal games-Memory And Use Of Words
  • Games of chance-guesswork or use of artifacts
  • Games of memory-ability to recall or remember some…

I never expected to be part of this. An event that will put Kenya on the Global map. Not as an athletic country, but one that also has techies who bring about positive change and impact to the society.

Maybe you have not heard about it, but Tencent thought it wise to have a digital library that will have data on different traditional games in different countries. Tencent then approached UNESCO to have a partnership since this is not only a technological advancement but also a cultural preservation

I love the fact that Kenyan Traditional Games will be featured in this open Library. Games that I actually played. Kati, Kora and brikicho. Games that are popular with children even in the present day. The three are part of the ten games the Museums of Kenya carefully selected to be featured in the Library. …

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The 16th, February, I was in Nairobi. Not to visit my relatives or attend school, rather, to broaden my understanding of what Ruby and Rails is all about. I happened to travel with two of my good friends and they did make the journey enjoyable. Rather than watch the trees pass by, we chatted and had loads of fun. Well, apart from the fact that they booked their seats next to each other and I sat on another aisle, but still next to them, my trip to Nairobi has never been shorter.

The event started on Friday at 2:30 pm with the installation process. We were to install the Ruby language and its Rails framework in our laptops. The amazing part of this process was seeing my friends, Edna Bonyo, Polar Rosan and Wendy Ondigo, all excited and very inquisitive of all they were doing.we did have a little “get to know your neighbor/ bonding” time. One lady who really stood out was Abdullahi who said she’d be at home playing with her cat if she would not be attending the event. …

Feb 14, 2018

Feedback loops and measuring progress

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Every start up at one point in its growth should be able to be defined empirically , measured and be able to communicate the true progress of innovation. This is defined as Innovative accounting. For a start up to be able to say they are incorporating innovative accounting, the following are milestones to be considered.

  • Building a Most viable product — The startup should provide the best product or service that is economic to them. I-cut is able to provide its users with features that enable them to call for help, report cases of FGM .
  • Running experiment MVP — A viable product should be deployed in a small region then tests that should determine whether or not the product should be built are ran. I-cut will be first deployed in a sizable region . eg Pokot we will be able to establish baseline with our users. …


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I lean in and sit at the table. feminist, geeky and Anti-FGM activist. Ruby on rails developer

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