So when I hear the words “be positive”, it feels like anaesthesia, albeit in a different form. “Be positive” invites you to be myopic, to set aside real emotion for an architected one. “Be positive” is an Icarus jetting up to the sun in wings fashioned from feather and wax. Crete, his father, warned him to fly neither too low or too high, so the sea’s dampness would not clog his wings or the sun’s heat melt them, but the pleas went ignored, and Icarus plummeted as precipitously as he ascended. There’s no nobility is oscillating between the extremes, but there is value in existing between them. And that value is hope.
The Mask of Being Positive vs. The Reality of Being Hopeful
Felicia C. Sullivan

I think this is beautiful imagery, and permission for a person to be able to find their own middle way. We are in a society that seeks positivity and happiness sometimes at the cost of joy. Joy is not always in putting a smile on your face. Joy is about finding the truth of yourself, and the truth is often in hope, not in happiness.

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