Great article Stacy.

Thank Eri.

I am actually following the MEAN Stack which stands for (MongoDB, Express, Angular and NodeJS), except in this case I didnt need a database so I didnt use MongoDB. Check it out here:

An alternative would be LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). However, I like MEAN better because all are in Javascript and its easier to learn one language that can be used for both the front end and back end (AngularJS + NodeJS). It kills two birds with one stone!

Also, I feel that the MEAN Stack allows me to develop applications relatively faster. Angular is simple to use, MongoDB is a non-relational DB, which makes it fast to execute, NodeJS has many different packages one can make use of as well.

As for Angular Material, it is a really good framework which makes it easier to style a webpage. For instance, they provide nicely formatted toolbars, form inputs out of the box. An alternative would be Ionic, but Ionic is mainly for mobile apps.