Importance of Positive Student-Teacher Relation in Classroom

Feeling valued is inborn characteristics of all human beings. We need kindness more than cleverness and this should be implemented in every sphere of life even in classrooms. Students spend much time in their academic campuses with a person who is responsible for developing their social, emotional and academic skills. That particular person is our teacher who always plays an important role in student’s trajectory throughout their educational time period. Students wish to be treated as valued person. Similarly teachers also expect the same from their students.

To develop a positive relation between student and teacher, both are equally responsible to contribute from their sides. Various activities can be conducted to foster better relation between students and teachers which will be helpful to draw students in learning process effectively.

How does good relationship between teacher and student look like?

A classroom where students actively take part to share their constructive thoughts with their teachers, they do not hesitate to ask anything if they get confused somewhere, they are allowed to share firm personal bond and receive positive assistance from their teacher instead of criticism. Teacher should be eligible enough to engage students in learning and nurture the desire of learning more among the students.

Responsibilities of a good student:

· Discuss community service contribution with your teacher because a real teacher will always take interest in student’s success.

· Students should inform their teacher about their struggles for survival in class without any fear because they are responsible to maintain suitable environment for the students in their classroom.

· Students can share personal anxiety with the teacher to get an advice of experienced person. Do it when you think that your teacher is really helpful.

Sometimes, students require teacher’s support to follow the rules and if teacher makes some essential adjustments then students become more enthusiastic towards learning in their classrooms.

Unpleasant effects of negative relation between teacher and student:

Consequences of negative relation of teacher and student are more persistent than one can imagine. Those students who have negative relation with teachers and show their frustration and irritation through their behavior unfortunately receive worst and mordant comment by their teachers. And this is not a suitable environment for any class. Student cannot share knowledge in this environment; no one can discuss their issues and cannot find out their solutions. Negativity between them turns learning process into a burden only. Teachers start showing short temper and anger over the students and their directly abusing attitude affect the student’s academic life badly.

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