Instagram pro: Mustafa Seven

Stacy Green
May 7, 2015 · 2 min read

Mustafa Seven, a Turkish street photographer, has one of the highest numbers of followers on Instagram — more than 1 million people subscribed to his photoblog. By capturing moments of Istanbul life, he, like a storyteller, through his camera wears the tales about big city life.

A photographer and traveler Mustafa has been to most of the countries in Europe, visited America, Russia, Philippines, Kuwait, Jordan and many other places. In spite of this, he always returns to his motherland — Istanbul.

Seven was born 1974 in Sivas, Turkey but has lived in Istanbul since 2 years old. His interest in photography began while he was studying graphic design at university. For about 17 years, he had been working in almost all national newspapers in Turkey as a photojournalist and then became a photography editor in one of them. After all, he decided to do business on his own.

For photoblogger, people and their lives are an endless source of inspiration. He likes going to new countries and trying to understand their cultures. When Seven visits a country for the first time, he spends a few days just walking around and observing before taking a single shot.

For @mustafaseven, Instagram is a photography based social media and a great way to express himself, his personal portfolio. The photographer usually uses Canon 5D Mark III and Samsung NX300. Rarely, if he doesn’t have a camera with him, Instagrammer applies his iPhone.

In the Mustafa’s point of view, for producing a successful blog, continuity is crucial. You must have a photographic language that expresses you and also share photos regularly. Moreover, your snapshots should have one style and special charm.

In future Mustafa is going to keep using photography for social responsibility purposes and developing his own unique style.

About the Author: Stacy Green is a freelance journalist and blogger. She attended the University of Houston. Currently, Stacy lives in Dallas, Texas and works at as copywriter.

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