Seoul Friends (Part 1)

(Sorry about the title, but who doesn’t love a bad pun?)

Some of my best lady friends and I spent Christmas in Korea. For five girls together for 10 days with one bathroom, I’d say we did pretty well. We traversed the city raiding skincare stores and cafe hopping while inhaling cake and coffee like nobody’s business. In between all that, I’ve learned that these are a few of my favorite things about Korea:

닭갈비 @ 유가네
  1. You could walk into any restaurant and the food is great — In 30–40 degree weather, did our frozen fingers have the leisure of taking time to search for a location and then search for directions in Naver? Heck to the no. More often than not, we just walked into random places we thought looked decent and were never ever disappointed. I would share recs, but hand over heart, you won’t need them.
@ 해운대

2. Beaches are poppin’ — We also went to Busan and I was surprised to see so much action even in the winter. Magic shows, busking, lit Christmas trees, couples, families, friends, and street food until the wee hours of the morning. Move out of the way New York City because you just got served — this is the city that never sleeps. I usually don’t like beaches because I think they’re boring, but I was proven wrong.

@ 해운대

3. Taking selfies is a norm — A selfie in America classifies you as a grade A millennial, but not so much in Korea. People of all ages shamelessly use selfie sticks everywhere, so if you’re looking for selfie freedom, look no further. And if you don’t have a selfie stick, it’s really okay because we found public phone holders at this beach. This basic photo on the left was taken using one!

4. Convenience stores are bigger, badder, and better here — this might be a biased statement if you are not a Korean-American who grew up enjoying Korean snacks, but if you are, this is fact. The variety of snacks is perfectly overwhelming, just enough to put you in a good, up-there, mood, and it’s even better that these stores are open 24/7 so these snacks are always accessible.

And, a few more photos just because…

창덕궁 (Changdeokgung)
Cafe Bora
Common Ground
Some braised pork dish that I miss very much

Korea, you are #blessed.

Edit: I came back to edit this post to say that there will not be a part two because I can’t remember what I wanted my part two to be at the time I wrote my part one. Apologies to all my readers (there has to be at least 1 right?) for my misleading title if you were eager for the sequel.