Peeling Back the Layers

Before the talk, do some research on Scott Dikkers. What is one surprising fact you learned about him? Does this help you provide context for his talk?

Scott Dikkers wrote the book, Our Dumb Century, which became a #1 New York Times bestseller and was also a #1 bestseller on Amazon. This provided context for his talk in the sense that I could gage how successful he’s been and now I know of one of his many major accomplishments.

Pay attention to the scene as Scott talks during his lecture. What do you notice? Take a photo and include it in your post as well.

The first thing I noticed when I walked through the doors of the AMU Ballroom was how many people of different generations were represented. I wasn’t expecting so many people to be there. I definitely made the mistake of thinking I could get there 5 minutes early. Also at the end of the talk people swarmed to talk to him and take photos. Below is the aftermath of his talk.

Scott Dikkers at Marquette 2017

Write down something Scott says and fact check it. Is he right? Wrong? Somewhere in between?

Scott talked about how Jeff Kinny got his idea for the Diary of a Wimpy Kid from his comic series Jim’s Journal. He was right about his comics looking very similar to Kinny’s comics. He was also right about his comic series being a part of Madison’s newspaper, the Daily Cardinal.

Summarize in a paragraph the point of the talk.

There were a few main points during the talk that Scott Dikkers made. First he said that “we don’t have a democracy anymore.” The media and big news companies are paid a lot of money for political opinions to be shared to the world whether they are fake or real. He also said we need to not be a part of the 25% of people in America who just accept the fake news and then believe it. There will be fake news published that claims to be satire but its not. Satire needs to still communicate truths.

Now write a headline that summarizes the talk.

Marquette Peels back the layers with Scott Dikker.

At the end of his talk, find someone at the event that you don’t already know and ask them what stood out to them the most. Include their full name and major or profession.

Emma Brauer, a freshman studying advertising at Marquette said, “She wasn’t expecting the talk with Scott Dikkers to be so funny and as enjoyable as it was, which was very different from other speakers she’s heard at Marquette.”

What did this teach you about media writing?

This talk made me realize that you should always follow your dreams. A small idea can lead to a major accomplishment such as being on the New York Times best seller list.

What was most useful to you about this experience?

I know a lot more about Scott Dikkers and his accomplishments. The Onion is something I believe I will read more. Also every one of his “crazy drop-out” employees made it somewhere in life and were successful. This should give hope to many people out there doubting themselves or who might have failed in the past. Keep trying.

Anything else to add?

According to Scott Dikkers, “industrial farming will be the end of humans.”