Stop and pay attention
Tim Cigelske

Review what you wrote about what you found in Johnston Hall last week. Then look at your notes. Did you miss any details? What are the advantages and disadvantages of writing without looking at your notes?

I missed the details of my story, the dates, names, and words said within the newspaper. The advantage of not looking at my notes was that I had to visualize the object and really try to think about what I saw. The disadvantage was that I couldn’t remember the details.

What did you learn from eavesdropping on a classroom?

I learned that when citing in APA Style the state and city must be spelled out and not abbreviated.

What’s something you learned from a magazine or newspaper?

I learned that the MUSG president resigned Monday morning to focus more on school.

What is the Marquette Tribune editor in chief doing today?

He worked at the Milwaukee Journal for 37 years and has been teaching in the Marquette Journalism department part time.

What can you find out about the professor you wrote down from the directory? What have they researched? What are they known for?

Jennifer Haberkorn majored in Journalism at Marquette. She cover the story of the Affordable Care Act in Congress in 2009. She also writes law for federal agencies.

What did you say in the note you put in a professor’s mailbox? What skills did you learn from this person?

I told Father Grant how much his Intro to Digital Media Class meant to me and how it sparked my interest in that area. I then changed my minor to Digital Media. The skills I learned from Father Grant are to be confident in my ideas and learned how to operate software such as Avid and Audition.

What did you learn from the student who works in student media?

I learned Amy Elliot is the managing editor of the Wire and her advice was to never lie.

What alum from the Alumni Hall of Fame inspires you and why?

The alumni that inspired me most was Rudy Bednar. He made documentaries of the conflict in Tibet and elephant poaching in Kenya. I hope to someday write of something so important like the threat of poaching.

What did you see when you visited a new floor in Johnston Hall?

I saw on the 5th floor of Johnston is where most of the advisors offices are.

What Marquette alumna won a Pulitzer for reporting on AIDs in the Heartland? Now find her interview with Poynter. What is a tip that she shared about paying attention in interviews?

Jacqueline Banaszunski, and a piece of advice she had in interviews was to ask questions that allowed the interviewees to connect back to their senses if you want an emotional response.

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