An Evangelical Pastor at his first Pride Parade
adam nicholas phillips

I am a lesbian that came to know Jesus in a LGBT church in Phoenix. My beliefs are very traditional, my style of worship leans more toward Hillsong however, we have not been welcomed in your churches. Some of us have opted for more welcoming churches like UCC. They have been so great to the LGBT community and for that I am thankful. However, many of us long to hear about the blood of Christ and the promises of the bible. We pray for more contemporary music that speaks to our souls in a different way. We want to hear about the rapture and the power of healing. Simply Jesus. I knew in my life time marriage equality would be possible but never did I dare think that evangelical pastors would welcome us through their doors. Not as sinners needing to be saved or having our relationships be perceived as sinful or, as I have been told, “we all have sin in our lives and thats just yours”. But truly open to the LGBT community. Thank you for taking a stand and know that there are people who will read this and forever be changed. People young and old who wont commit suicide because a “real pastor” in Oregon said publicly that he has rethought his position. I have some hope today. Thank you for being bold enough to take a stand.

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