Bad leaders and low data

Let’s face it, we’ve all been experienced bad management. Maybe it was a “really nice guy or gal” who could not get organized or make a decision to save his or her life. Or perhaps it was you, going through a rough time at home or with a medical crisis. But bad management and bad leadership are two different things. A good leader listens, admits mistakes, cares….it’s a heart condition for sure. Although this topic has little to do with my dissertation, I’m going to be reading about the difference and formulaic principles of leadership and management. Ultimately I hope to tie it to the subject of trying to understand the intricacies of choosing the right Site/Key leads for contractors at operational sites, but first I’ve got to do the one thing that helps us find gaps in research and hone in my topic: READ. That’s right, more reading. I’ve pretty much researched until the dissertation database reached ground zero, so I need to get access to level 1 (or whatever smart thing they’re called) e-libraries. I’m running out of recent fresh dissertation examples.