Hi Liv. Thanks for writing this.
Beth Orens

I am still early in transition and can ‘pass’ for either (though I am on borrowed time with that superpower). I still use the men’s room, although I try to go for single stall restrooms whenever I can. Why? Because I don’t want to invade someone else’s space. There will likely come a time when I will ‘pass’ and I will be viewed as odd for using the men’s room. While I am vocal online, I am very quiet about my transition out there in the real world. I started my transition in December, with blockers, and then started estrogen a few months later. I am out to a handful of friends and family members. It isn’t that I am not proud of who I am, proud that I chose to transition over suicide (yes, I was at that point), but that I subscribe to the age-old adage: ‘Insecurity is loud.’ I walk calm, cool, and confident. Some people see me. Some don’t. I do not need to advertise who I am to an entire group of people who aren’t involved in my life. I don’t need to include my being trans in every conversation I have. I acknowledge that transitioning can take over a person’s life (It did for me, for a while), but if we who are trans truly want respect, then we have to start acting like people worthy of respect. We need to understand that one person doesn’t speak for us, and not all who are cis are our enemy.