This article is stirring up all kinds of conflicting emotions for me.
Amanda Roman

Is it that you are conflicted about who you are? Or is it conflict about how you don’t fit neatly inside the binary? I am a trans woman. My hair is a messy mop that barely covers my ears. I don’t wear jewelry or have my ears pierced (that may happen eventually). I don’t wear makeup. I have breasts, but choose not to wear a bra (I don’t fill one yet, lol!). My clothes are male’s — tee shirts and jeans (the universal sign someone who has no fashion sense has abandoned all hope) and the stereotypical lesbian flannel. My mannerisms are a bit masculine, but my tonal inflections are feminine. People see me and get all kinds of confused. They either see me as: a feminine guy, a trans woman, a trans man, or a woman.

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