You sound like my twin.
Amanda Roman

Yes, you and I are close in age. I let my hair grow out to a dutch-boy style clip, with a thick bang that kind of covers the majority of my forehead. A high forehead could be the issue; not sure how long your hair is, how tall you, are etc. Confidence plays a huge role in transitioning. I just act like myself, my goofy, immature self, and my feminine side just naturally comes out. I don’t know about your height, but mine is 5'9", and I think over time I will shrink a bit. I know of one or two women who are over 6' and only dream of passing. How long have you been on hormones? In my defense, I was born intersex and have a certain degree of androgen insensitivity, which only came to my attention one day in the doctor’s office when a guy gave his birthday as ‘9/18/79’ and I realized I was a few months older than him but he looked like death warmed over.

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