The one thing that I can say with certainty is that the rise of transgender as a public topic has…
Salina Brett

You are quite welcome. When I first realized that this odd ‘mental tape’ that had been cycling in the back of my head — that I was ‘supposed’ to have been born a girl, was real, I was shocked. Did I want to be a woman? Not really; looking at our current health care system, being a woman is a preexisting condition. Did I want to dress, or be seen as one? No… I had to honestly admit that I was missing something.

While there appears to be some solidarity between the gay and lesbian committee, not everyone who supports the letters LGB are supportive of the letters that follow. But our fates as intersex people are linked — whether we like it or not — to trans people, because we were all born different — whether those differences are visible or not.

I thank the trans community for being more vocal — without their stories, without their narratives, I would never have started a voyage of discovery.

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