Last week I traveled to Seoul to present the last paper of my dissertation at the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS). The title of my research paper is “Disentangling the Fuzzy Front End of Digital Transformation” and me an my co-author Andrea Back analyzed typical activities in the fuzzy front end of digital transformation.

At ICIS 2017 in Seoul

When confronted with the question on how to handle digital transformation or how to tackle the impact of digitization on your own business, many consultants and researchers recommend to start with a digital (transformation) strategy, so with a structured and systematic approach. However, in many…

Rails Girls Zurich — coaches at the introductory session

Last weekend I participated in the Rails Girls event at ImpactHub Zurich. Rails Girls is a global movement of Ruby on Rails workshops for women. The goal of the workshop series is to teach more women how code can be used in their everyday lives and ultimately get more women into professional coding. In Zurich, a couple of the female coaches have been participants only two years ago and made coding into their full-time career since. I really liked that the workshop not only included coding sessions, but also sharing these stories about how coding skills can be applied after…

Image credit: Stephan Wieser

One of the directors I used to worked with often compared the leadership system in the organization to a group of lions. Senior lions are responsible to teach the junior lions everything they need to know. Junior lions are given certain tasks they can contribute. Senior lions lead by demonstration. Junior lions watch and learn.

A lot of companies apply this principle of junior staff learning by following the footsteps of more senior people. While learning by imitation usually works out fine for both human and lion babies, I prefer a different approach that I experienced very early in my…

For the third year in a row, I have lead our study on digital maturity & transformation. This study is based on our digital maturity model and this year we received even more responses: In total, 662 people participated in our online-survey. I am really happy with the finished results and that the report is finally released. Now is the time for me to reflect on the results and on the project.

Companies with high digital maturity approach change in a completely different way

In my dissertation I research how organization navigate through the fuzzy front-end of digital transformations, meaning how they approach the first random, chaotic, and mysterious phases of a…

During the WI conference in February I participated in an excursion to EMPA, which is not an obvious thing to do for a student of information systems.

The EMPA building in St.Gallen

The EMPA — Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology — are not well known of, but a fascinating place in St.Gallen and they are producing high-class research. For me personally, this visit was one perfect example how inspiring it can be when you get outside your “business innovation box” and start looking into research that is happening outside of your discipline, especially how you innovate in other disciplines.

Eine Sache, die mich immer wieder antreibt, inspiriert und beflügelt ist, Dinge zu tun, die ich vorher noch nie gemacht habe. Ich sage einfach gerne “Ja” zu Neuem und lasse mich dann überraschen, wie es ist und was es mit mir macht. So auch am letzten Wochenende: Ich setze mich in den Flieger nach Berlin, um mit 40 anderen Kreativen und Entwicklern 24 Stunden im Willy-Brandt-Haus zu verbringen und beim ersten SPD Hackathon mitzumachen. Zwar habe ich bereits Jury-Erfahrung bei einem Hackathon, aber aktive Teilnehmerin war ich noch nicht.

Eines der Themen des Hackathons war “Demokratie stärken” und für mich…

Sabine Berghaus

mobile enthusiast, digital flaneur, experience designer, researcher & Ph.D. student

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