A Disaster In The Making: The Long-Term Consequences Of Russia Hysteria
Michael Tracey

About Interference of Unearthly power, their Unen-countered hacker, who aliens (extraterrestrial entities) even possible teleported in necessary point or on the contrary — withdrew from dangerous place of their work — say the Zets on their site ZetaTalk…
That is why 1000 once rights Mishel Nostradamus, dialect that “gods (aliens, extraterrestrial entities) once upon a time appear amongst people, and will become the author of the Great conflict…” 
In detail about “war god” for planet-colonie, Land-Terra — in Message of the author below -
20 ноября 2016
“Империя наносит ответный удар” или арте-факты UFO из Египта и Ситуация времени


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