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Funny justify the fool on throne…

And all this is because Trump from varna “vaysha”, huckster and swindler, which, as is well known from saying about jew, “for advantage (Profit) and mother will sell”.

And huckster (or more idiot-fool Trump) on throne of the country USA, i.e people without Honor, but that and Shame — so much for is that “smerd” and “shudra” from the most undermost layer of Sociume (varnas of hinduism) amongst varna of “kshatries”-warrior, people Honor, which for Truth ready and life to return!

Such a James Comey, for that him great Honour and Respect.

And consequently if America and further wants be State the stronghold and sample to real Democracy, this “smerd-shudra”, Tpump, huckster and swindler on Marcet USA — must banish from White house while, he whole America, and for the sake of its SELF-PROFIT, enemy has not sold!

But if confirmed in Investigation that Trump gave the State Secrets, that his not simply banish it is necessary, but send in prison, as state Criminal!

About varnas — below, on site of author “Pangalaktika” —

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