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Being both an entrepreneur and a stay-at-home mum requires a great deal of time and energy. Even so, it is possible to run a successful business and develop a strong relationship with your kids. These days you don’t need to sacrifice your employee wellbeing or your own sanity.

Consider these few tips to help you take the first steps to become a mum entrepreneur.

Choose Your Business Model Carefully

While there are benefits of having a brick-and-mortar shop, an eCommerce business provides the flexibility that many mumpreneurs require. This simply means that you conduct sales and other operations online, and according to, you can…

In our recent interview for The #WorkLifeShow, Kathryn Wilson was joined by special guest, Gil Cohen, founder of Employee Experience Design , a company that helps leaders evolve their people practices and improve human and organisational outcomes. The interview aimed to learn more about employee experience and find out how leaders should be investing in this, particularly now with many people working remotely.

Prefer to digest the interview in another format? A recap of The #WorkLifeShow is also available on YouTube and as a podcast .

Kathryn started by reminding us how companies invest so much in their customer service…

In our recent interview for The #WorkLifeShow, Kathryn Wilson was joined by special guest, PhD and cultural diversity coach Nadège Minois, founder of Coaching Vision , a company that helps companies and individuals understand and harness the power of cultural diversity.

The interview aimed to learn more about cultural diversity and to find out what common mistakes businesses are making in their journey to diversity.

Prefer to digest the interview in another format? A recap of The #WorkLifeShow is also available as:

A video recording, to watch, click here

Kathryn started by asking Nadège what she thinks is the most…

It is predicted that by 2025 , 75 percent of the workforce will be made up of millennials — a generation that has grown up with ever changing technology and as such has set expectations on what the employee experience should look like. With millennials at the helm, there has been an increased reliance on SaaS companies, who are moving all information and systems into the tech space, where anything you need is at your fingertips — including employee benefits.

SaaS platforms are revolutionising the HR space, by moving towards a less paper-based environment to one of optimised and automated…

In our recent interview for The #WorkLifeShow, Kathryn Wilson was joined by Bob Teasdale. He is the newly appointed Managing Director of myhrtoolkit , a company that empowers SMEs with easy to use, highly secure HR software.

The interview aimed to find out more about myhrtoolkit and how it can enhance the HR function, particularly in current times when many people are working from home.

Prefer to digest the interview in another format? A recap of The #WorkLifeShow is also available on YouTube and as a Podcast.

Myhrtoolkit is an HR Tech Company based in Sheffield, offering core HR software…

The service sector is one of the largest sectors in the UK, and as such, it is integral that service companies should be the first to offer competitive employee benefits.

Statistics reveal that the service industry has seen a steady increase over the last ten years, with 2020 figures showing that the service industry holds a whopping 81,34% of the market — hugely surpassing agriculture and manufacturing, who hold only 1,01% and 17,66% respectively.

The service sector has been the main source of job growth in recent decades (Anxo and Storrie 2001). Further research shows that 30.2% of UK workers…

During the last year with the unexpected pandemic, many companies were forced to make adjustments for their employees. Moving to a work-from-home environment came with its own set of challenges. These included making sure that staff were kitted out with the necessary remote tools, balancing the work-home life, and ensuring that employee wellbeing didn’t take a downward turn.

One positive however is that we realised that what we thought might be impossible, was, in fact, a completely viable option. As such, as our lives go somewhat back to normal after numerous lock-downs, many companies have opted to continue offering remote…

The recent headlines about Bill and Melinda Gates filing for divorce have sent shockwaves through the philanthropic world. They announced their separation with a joint statement shared on social media last Monday:

“ After a great deal of thought and a lot of work on our relationship, we have made the decision to end our marriage. Over the last 27 years, we have raised three incredible children and built a foundation that works all over the world to enable all people to lead healthy, productive lives,” they said, referring to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation .

According to a…

All large sized companies will have a range of employee benefits on offer , from the usual dental, medical and paid leave, to more unique benefits such as on-site gyms, family benefits, meal services and perks and discounts. The big advantage that larger companies have over their smaller counterparts is access to a bigger budget.

However, no matter how many benefits you have on offer to attract and retain talent, if your employees aren’t using these benefits to the max, you’re essentially throwing money away.

So how do you mobilise your employees to use the employee benefits on offer? …

In this edition of the #WorkLifeShow we caught up with Ash Stephenson, co-founder of Beacon & Armour to chat about entrepreneurship, starting a business with a partner, over jacket potatoes and their love of British craftsmanship.

What is it you guys do and how long have you been a business for?

We’ve almost been together for two years. It’s quite a funny story. Zadk and I were working full time for this charity. And this charity has buddy lunches so when a new person comes into the company you get paired with someone that’s been there a while. Zadk came…

Staff Treats

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