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One of the habits that evolved in lockdown was to allow the dog to choose (occasionally — I am still at heart a control freak after all!) where we walk. It does mean we often end up outside the pet store in the middle of town where he expects to be able to go inside and browse. This is one of his favourite pastimes. It amuses me greatly to see where he deems an interesting destination (not always the pet store), and it appears to thrill him to be in charge.

This has been a small gift of this time.

On another occasion, the dog choose the Sunday walk and he lead us straight into the local farmer’s market on the town square. …

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Photo credit — Kyle Hanson

8 ground rules on how not to be THAT ANNNOYING colleague

Zoom* calls are keeping us connected in lockdown. The experience of online visual group meetings is new to many of us and I’m delighted everyone is trying it out (except my mother — but that’s another story!). It’s amusing to see how innovative people are with using the tools to stay connected. There are group quiz nights, family games evenings, friends who cook and eat same meal together and more. Even our antiquated government is giving it a go.

I’ve been working remotely for 15 years but over the past few weeks, I’ve had some of the most annoying large group video calls of my life. So I am driven to expand on Debretts advice and offer my 8 guidelines to avoid being THAT annoying colleague on the call. …

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The last time I hugged a friend was over two weeks ago. It was at an art workshop over a weekend that provided a little bubble away from the unfolding pandemic which was still making itself felt in this country. We did a lot of hugging that weekend. The workshop was a nourishing and soul-filling 2 days.

On the following Monday morning, my little bubble was burst. In a meeting with colleagues, we talked about the financial impact of losing most of the in-person group coaching work in the last week. Many of our clients were being proactive cancelling travel and gatherings ahead of any official government advice. It seemed clear that we would be in lock down by the end of the week. …


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Team and executive coach with an interest in the bizarre, the geeky and the funny.

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