The exchange is being renamed to!

The new logo
  1. more directly communicates our platform’s mission–we are providing a one-stop-shop for all your staking needs. Unless someone is already familiar with ‘BITG’ (the trading symbol for Bitcoin Green)–the BITGEX name does not explicitly convey the purpose of the project. We believe is more user-friendly and will help us in our efforts to evangelize staking.
  2. The BITGEX name is very similar to Bittrex, Bitfinex, Bitmex, and a number of other major exchanges. Brand differentiation is an uphill battle if your name is just a few letters away from the leading incumbents’.
  • Social media handles
  • Domain
  • Official email addresses
  • Logo

All site content, emails, and referral links will re-direct to

The renaming process is will be rolled out of the next few days.


Yes. All links will redirect to the new domain.


Since we are relatively early in the development of this project, it is much more logistically simple to rename at this stage.

We’ll be releasing our official listing procedures and kicking off our first coin vote competition as soon as is live and our socials are updated–stay tuned!

Here is an initial rough draft of the landing page:

Our new links will be:

Twitter: (DONE)

Email: (DONE) (DONE)

Medium: (DONE)

Telegram: (DONE)

Website: (Dec. 12)

Earn staking and masternode rewards while you trade.

Earn staking and masternode rewards while you trade.