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Creating synergy within our product

Stake Casino
May 22 · 3 min read

Synergy is where the value of something whole is worth more than its parts. It is the phrase — ‘a champion team is better than a team of champions.’

Right now, we feel as if we are a champion team. By we, we mean the Stake team and all of our players. Without each other, we don’t work. Human-to-human interaction is at the heart and soul of our company. While it may be simple to say that companies and customers need each other, we feel as if we are an extreme circumstance.

We inhabit an industry that would be nothing if we had players who weren’t affected by the actions of our company. Without emotional investment, we are simply the owners of an online gambling platform. We are more than that.


If you have recently had a look at our forum, or the forum on our friends at Primedice, you will have seen an interview with one of our most decorated players. The story of Grahamesko is one that we wanted to investigate for a few reasons. We knew he had a story to tell, one that is not only interesting for us, but for players who want to hear stories about big wins and miraculous journeys.

While we have spent a lot of time asking questions about how we can improve, or receiving feedback on our games, we thought it would be time to ask our players about themselves.

We want to make every player feel important. While we can’t speak to all our millions of players, we know that every story could be relevant to you. We feel that sharing personal experiences can improve user experience on our site.

Grahamesko told us things that we didn’t necessarily expect. We used the chance to interview him as a way to learn more about the thoughts, feelings and reactions players associate with our site. From a quick support chat and a forum post, we don’t get to know our players on a personal level.

‘For a gambling man, there is no other game that comes close. ‘ — Grahamesko

Quotes like these are important to us — and is something we didn’t expect from a player who had lost money with us.

We thought the outcome of this interview would be quite different. We were surprised by the story of this player, as well as a different perception on the game and the way it is played.

Despite us not in this game to be anyone’s best friend, we understand that getting to know exactly how our players think is important.

Our past few months of work have been centred around acquisition and ensuring our current players are not only satisfied by our website, but also excited about it.

While it could be easy for us to send out a few bonuses, we feel that players feel the most at home when they are appreciated. We are constantly at work to ensure every player feels like they matter — it represents the values we hold at heart.

In some ways, the stories of our players are just as important as the reasons why we do what we do.