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Put your VSYS to work today!

3 min readJan 9, 2020


The v.systems mainnet launched on November 27, 2018.

To lease your VSYS to the Staked supernode, please use the following address:


Leasing is non-custodial and supernodes cannot spend your VSYS. Staked pays 90% of the block rewards to stakers, and offers the industry’s only 100% SLA on block production.

Instructions for leasing VSYS are included below.


v.systems is a next-generation blockchain database for decentralized applications. Introduced in November 2018, it has since been dedicated to deliver an advanced blockchain platform with high stability, scalability and efficient performance in an expanded environment.

Staking Token Economics: (1/9/20)

Rewards are distributed upon participation in minting. Token holders are able to lease VSYS to any supernode candidate via the v.systems official wallet. There are no minimum requirements or lock-up period when leasing VSYS.

Staking Instructions

  1. Download the VSYS wallet here.
  2. Navigate to the minting section and select the “Start Leasing” button.

3. Enter the Staked Supernode address ARNK3hFsaQfGHVqD94wZxwDb6s2YfXWc1Cv in the Recipient field, the amount of VSYS you want to lease in the Amount field, and then click Continue.

4. On the next screen, click on the Confirm button to broadcast your leasing transaction.

5. Staked will pay rewards every week on Wednesdays at 12 PM EST. We offer a market-leading 10% commission fee and highly reliable service.

Having trouble getting started? Get help or find time to speak with the Staked team by emailing cole@staked.us.

About Staked

Staked helps investors reliably and securely compound their crypto by 5% — 100% annually through staking and lending. Staked runs validation nodes for proof-of-stake currencies and offers access to on- and off-chain lending options that provide an annualized yield of in-kind currency. Staked’s investors include Pantera Capital, Digital Currency Group, ParaFi Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Winklevoss Capital, Fabric Ventures, Global Brain, and other leading crypto investors.

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Staked operates highly available and highly secure, institutional grade staking infrastructure for all of the leading proof-of-stake (PoS) protocols.