Nightly Jormungandr packages for Cardano Shelley testnet

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Sep 16, 2019 · 2 min read
Unstable version of Jormungandr being installed from the binary cache

If you are participating in testing of Jormungandr, the Cardano Shelley blockchain node, and are eager to have a look at each new exciting feature or bug fix that lands in the Jormungandr’s repository and don’t want to wait several days for a stable release to appear — this guide is for you.

We are maintaining a nightly (well, read as the latest we are able to compile) build of packages and we would like to share it with you. Before starting, please note this is a very experimental code outside of the stable release and should never be used for anything production. This is also not supported by IOHK, so if you hit a bug, try it in few days and only then open an issue for it.

Install Nix (optional)

If you are already using NixOS, this step is optional and you should skip it. In order to use these packages, you need to have Nix installed on your system. Doing so is very easy, you just need to run the following as a non-root user:

bash <(curl

Before doing this, you might want to read more information about Nix.

Configure Cachix

Cachix is a Nix* binary cache, which means you can download binaries that we have already built and made some basic testing on them (such as if the service at least starts).

You need to first install the Cachix client.

nix-env -iA cachix -f

Once installed, you need to enable our binary cache.

mkdir -p /etc/nixos/cachix && cachix use stakenuts

Follow the instructions, if there are any. Now you are setup to use our binary cache, which will speed up your installations significantly.

Install the nightly build

To install the latest nightly build, just run the following command.

nix-env -f -iA jormungandr

It’s that easy — you have now the latest jormungandr node installed!

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