Stakrn awarded ICONE project, an innovative esports and entertainment complex of 16.000m²

Toulouse leaps into esports and entertainment with a massive project : ICONE. Chosen after a countrywide call for innovative projects, it will feature a 16.000m² facility dedicated to the esports industry.

Boris Bergerot, Co-founder and President of Stakrn, a strategic consulting company, specialized in esports and video games, was the man who envisioned and initiated this project; one of an unprecedented scale in Europe.

An audacious concept led by companies from Occitanie area

Esports is truly a social phenomenon these days. Video game competitions, be they online or offline, are now an important part of the economy for many modern cities and even countries. A fact as true for sports clubs, investors and brands…but also for public authorities.

With this in mind an interdisciplinary team was formed last year to answer one of the 18 calls for projects issued by the city of Toulouse. The goal was to redevelop a number of sites in an innovative way; to integrate them into the community and help drive the economy of the neighborhoods in the years to come.

Close to a subway station, the facility will be located 10min from Toulouse downtown, in close proximity to the highway. It is also an area rich with sports and entertainment facilities; including an ice rink and impressively a circus school, and finally, only a 20 minute drive from an 80.000 person employment area. It was chosen by the real estate developer EDELIS-GCC to conceive of an iconic, architectural building extending to the Cité de l’espace (TN : City of Space, a theme park focused on space and conquest of space, which was visited by more than 4 million people over the past 20 years).

The concept to propose a unique place, built around the esports theme was rapidly mentioned. Occitanie based stakeholders then gathered nine months ago to start working on what would be the winning project, ICONE.

Stakrn, a company specialized in business strategic consulting in esports, based in Montpellier and Manchester UK, was commissioned to define the project, identify the stakeholders, bring them together, develop partnerships and set up the business model for the facility.

The project team :

  • EDELIS : Contractor (real estate developer invested in several interdisciplinary projects).
  • GCC : General building company (design and realisation of the project)
  • C+2B : architect, and “d’une ville à l’autre” : city planning private agency
  • STAKRN : Project management and federation of future partners of the project.

ICONE is designed to welcome and interest the public in all forms, be they families, students, professionals or young people. And between innovation (virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, interactive escape games, racing simulators, etc.), training (schools), entertainment (esports arena, recording studio, gaming spaces) and business (incubator, reception room, event planning etc.), there will be no less than 400 jobs created by and for the production and running of the project.

Below is a list of all the activities of ICONE and who will run them, as of today :

  • STAKRN : esports business incubator and co-working
  • Colonies : housing solutions in co-living
  • PowerHouse Gaming : esports training school
  • Upside VR : entertainment facility with a virtual reality theme
  • GearProd — Echo Squad : an immersive experience between escape game and video game
  • BiggerInside : entertainment complex in mixed reality
  • Groupe DING : recording studio and gaming space for professionals
  • Drone Interactive : drone racing in augmented reality
  • Open Score : formula 1 simulator and simracing laboratory
  • Mon Club Esport (MCES) : gaming space, esports academy and events
  • Mindefit : performance center dedicated to athletes and cyber athletes
  • Handigamer : showroom and accessory building for disabled people
  • Your event Organisation: management of the Arena Esport and reception rooms
  • Level Up concept : video game themed restaurant and activities
  • Micromobile & Lodines : solutions for electric mobility and micro-mobility

Local, national and international support for a project on a scale never before seen in Europe

Thanks to its unprecedented scale and unique focus on esports and video games, ICONE has managed to gather support from various different types of stakeholders.This enthusiasm is an obvious sign of a will to connect different worlds : start-ups, higher education establishments, major accounts, investors, media, and even esports teams.

A list of all current supporters of the project include : Live Sim, Randstad, Institut Limayrac, France Esports, JobIRL, Skillinked, Team MCES, Team Oplon, Team 3DMax, Team Bastille Legacy, Team Gameward, Team VirtualDrivers by TX3, Team Race Clutch, Cob Agency, TGS Evenements, World Gaming Executives, Keleo Solutions, NewGoTravel, La Mêlée du Numérique, Toulouse Ynov Campus, NeedForSeat, EpickOne, Avalon, SportVEST.

With an opening scheduled in 2022, ICONE is set to welcome large scale esports competitions and will also be able to house teams and events that will take place around the 2024 Olympic Games.

About Stakrn

Stakrn is headquartered in Montpellier (south of France) and in Manchester (MediaCity office). With a +50K professional network in esports and video games, Stakrn can respond to all projects related to esports. Either by acting as a middleman and advisor, or by carrying out the missions directly through its dedicated and esports focused services such as:

  • Strategic consulting (for non-endemic brands, sports clubs, startups, investors)
  • Esports business events organization (conferences, business day, etc.)
  • Esports talent management (pro-gamers, teams)
  • PR & communication

More info about Stakrn’s services: | |



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