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Muddy Puddles — the leading children’s outdoor clothing brand from the UK

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This week Muddy Puddles were up in St Albans to do a photo shoot for their autumn-winter collection and we went along to interview the lovely and inspiring Natasha Ascott, Managing Director and ‘Chief Mudder’.

1. I love that you make clothes to be passed down through siblings. What made you so passionate about that? So many companies focus on simply getting more sales in.

Being a mum of 3 children I know how important it is to me that what I buy for my daughter, particularly on the more expensive items, can be passed on. It is all about quality (all our labels say ‘made to pass on to someone smaller than you’) but also unisex designs and generous sizes to make our outerwear last and last. Equally in this day and age when there is so much waste and landfill then where possible we want to do our bit to limit waste.

Natasha, MD of Muddy Puddles and mother of 3, on the importance of hand-me-downs and quality outdoorwear.

2. Why have you picked St Albans to do your shoot today?

Muddy Puddles has always loved St Albans. We have run a free outdoor event here in the past, our office in North London is nearby, there are lots of lovely Muddy families around and it is of course very pretty.

Behind the scenes this week at the autumn-winter photo shoot in St Albans.

3. What are the inspirations for your designs?

Today we are shooting AW17 which has been inspired by the prints and colours from Michael Morpurgo’s book ‘Where my wellies take me’. It is a book full of beautiful images from nature that have been woven in including stubble field, hoof marks and frog spawn prints. We always work in vibrant colours that reflect the joy and energy of children in nature.

Unisex, vibrant colours and durability for a whole lot of outdoor fun.

4. We hear that your skiing gear is amazing, how do you road test your products?

We are very proud of our skiwear. As with all of our outerwear we test it technically in production, inspect it 3 times before it reaches customers and then we also test samples with partners we work with on ski resorts. This is alongside the ultimate test which comes from our customers who put it to the test and have over the years given us over 32,000 5* reviews.

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