There’s No Such Thing As A Protest Vote
Clay Shirky

For believers in democracy (or at least the ideal of it in a democratic republic), voting is the only thing that makes them feel like an active participant because its the only action they know how to do. They pat themselves on the back when their candidate does something they agree with while accomplishing no positive action themselves. They cozily ignore all the harm their candidate does, because, well, THEY can’t be held responsible for the actions of some elected official. Voting itself is nothing more than self-soothing insulation against the alienation of the modern polis.

Read what Plato says about Democracy. Career politicians, mob rule, and apathy is all you’re going to end up with. The next type of government after democracy has broken down is no fun at all. Trump and his followers are knocking at the door signalling the end of democracy’s cycle. If not this time, then the next, or the one after that. But in the face of it, what do we have? Answers of “I’m with Her” and “Stronger Together” ignoring the cycle altogether and doing nothing to remedy it.

What’s your goal? Are you trying to convince more people to vote in this false dilemma of yours? The more people that vote in this country, the faster you will accelerate the heightening of contradictions. Then, what you perceived as democracy will come to an end. If you appreciate our system and way of life, the only hope you have is slowing the rise of authoritarianism with multiple parties to freeze up the system and get some other voices sounding. If you think it can’t get worse than Trump, just think about how much worse Trump is than G.W. Bush. We thought that was the bottom of the barrel, we were wrong.

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