Inspirations: July 2017

As I adventure through browser-land, I screenshot things that inspire me, this is an attempt to catalogue some of those things

[Top] Morag Myerscough / Oxford Circus Pride sign

Anthony Burrill on Instagram Stories / via Hello Peagreen / Lucas Novo

The one and only Felt Mistress has a new exhibition with her other half Jonathan Edwards opening soon somewhere in Kendal as part of the Comic Arts festival. It’s called Archipelagogo and is inspired by the Moomins. Find out more here.

Colour factory San Francisco.

Alyseeeeeeee / Japanese Matchboxes via Present and Correct / Michael C Hsiung / Adam Frint

Ed Horsford has been on a bit of a roll with his Instagram lately too.

Slow Down Studio /

I’m really enjoying this photo series by Adam Frint at the moment, especially the smokers.

Heather Mahler / Tonight Josephine bar (taken by me!) / Julia Bernhardt via Design Taxi

Ben the Illustrator did an awesome live drawing on Instagram Stories. So good to see illustrators as they work, talking through their processes.

This is my colleague Atique’s photo. His photos of his travels around Europe are *seriously* so good.

Stupid stuff to end, Kulabeth / Man Versus Baby via The Unmumsy Mum.