Grow your customer database with these 4 questions.

Previously, we discussed the merits of CRM and the importance of a good and constant line of communication with your customers. Here we want to look into how you go about building a comprehensive database needed for a successful CRM program. If you are a sports team, or a well established household brand, you should skip down the the fourth question as people will be happy to sign up to your brand because they want to know how you’re doing, what new products/services are being launched and when your sales are. However, for the rest of you, it is important to nurture your client relationship and keep in contact with your target market.

1 — Why?

Because you have provided some sort of incentive, whether tangible or not. Always start by incentivising your customers to give up their information, you can do this by offering a discount or coupon to those who subscribe to your newsletter or similar outlet. However often, brands with cult followings or high quality content which is extremely popular enjoy large customer databases because consumers just want to be a part of what this company is doing. This is important to remember as incentivising is different to buying customers.

I think there is no questioning the power of a large customer database; by retaining client information, you can entice the consumer to make future purchases through emails or push notifications. This month we think you can grow your database using some of our little hacks.

2 — What’s in it for them?

It is key to understand that the consumer of today is impatient and requires constant entertainment, or interesting content. This is because if you aren’t providing anything interesting regularly, they will use their smartphone to focus their attention on other brands and you will be a forgotten thing of the past. I think this has to be focused on your target market and segmented down to groups of customers. So if you only target on certain demographic, you incentivise using one type of reward, whether that be membership to an exclusive ‘club’ or some sort of tangible discount. However, if you have many of these targets, you might want to look into different, focused incentives. The key here is know your customer so that you can offer a sought-after incentive.

3 — Are you visible?

This can be done by setting up a twitter account, creating a Facebook page and/or getting started with LinkedIn. Offer quality content and consider who you are writing and posting to. If these are young 16–20 year olds, make sure your content is funny and current, if you are targeting 30–50 year olds, it can’t be more serious and it can be reminiscent. When you have built up a bit of a following, you can then extract your followers information and furthermore, Tweet and update your prospective or current customers. The other clear benefit to using social media is that if your content is interesting enough, your followers will share your content with their friends, which will then grow your database and reach.

4 — Now what?

Once you have decided why, what’s in it for them and how you are going to advertise this all to your customers and they have started to join this ‘club’ or database, you have to keep them interested with good quality content and news and information that they will want to read. This really is imperative as you have already made it fairly easy for them to join your database and receive their first reward and now you can’t let them forget about you.

So to build a customer database you can’t just expect the consumer to want to sign up for info and emails on your business, you have create a database which is enjoyable to be a part of, you have to offer quality content and use the database to make your customers feel like part of something, not make them feel like they are drowning in junk mail.

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