Governing by Obesity

The atrocity of the aristocracy
Is in their animosity towards society,
And in their legacy of misogyny
And greedful demagoguery,
Their unabashed inadequacy
To comprehensively supply
Fairness and equality
To the poor and to the wealthy
So that nobility, now rather oxymoronically
Is no Nobler than the Peasantry
And History shall show resurgency
Of lower-class insurgency
And bring to it’s knees the
Hypocrisy of government that isn’t governing,
Leaders that aren’t leading,
And prostitutional politicians,
Selling their positions unapollagetically
Not in the interests of the citizenry,
Just for personal gain fiscally.
This is what it means to be Conservatory,
Serving the rich to keep the wealthy healthy,
Divesting public services under a false economy,
Cutting the heart of the Civic taxonomy,
Privatise necessity and outsource incessantly,
Criminalise poverty 
and castrate low income earners financially,
Maybe even irrevocably.
"Strong and Stable" might just be a self fulfilling prophecy,
If by strong you mean oppressively,
And by stable, unwaveringly,
Then to oppress without question
Becomes a mantra not a slogan,
And a Prime Minister becomes a tyrant
When their decision to stay silent
When they need to speak eloquently
To defuse a nation’s antipathy
Towards a self-indulgent oligarchy,
Or the masses will become revolutionary,
Bringing change through chaos and anarchy,
These acts they feel necessary,
To defend fundamentally,
Their community,
Their residency,
And their country.

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