How to Use Stamurai

Sep 28, 2017 · 1 min read

Broadly follow these 4 steps to begin using Stamurai:

  1. Feared Words: in the feared words section of the app, add as many words you fear as you can think of. This will help us in analysing sounds on which you have difficulty and tailor the rest of the app for those sounds. More details here.
  2. Reading Practice: go to reading practice section in the app and read aloud text. While reading — stutter deliberately, vary your pace, pay attention to you speech mechanism, record your speech etc. More details here.
  3. Vowels & Consonants: read aloud sounds appearing on the screen while paying attention to your speech mechanism. More details here.
  4. Speech Flow: speak aloud & pay attention to how speech flows while speaking the word, and mark the answer which is the closest to how you felt it. More details here.
  5. Persist: Keep doing the above exercises for 40 minutes a day. Benefits will be felt slowly but surely.


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Speech Therapy For Stutterers:

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