On a hot New Orleans summer day, Mr. Willie and I wait outside the historic Circle Foods grocery store, eager to register voters for the upcoming election on November 6.

To my disappointment, most people we talk to refuse to register to vote—on principle. Some explain they want to stay…

The City of New Orleans is expanding bike share from the initial pilot in the French Quarter. Expect to see new stations popping up as early as december, continuing into early 2018 — of course, just in time for Mardi Gras.

Several stations will line St. Claude Avenue and Royal Street. Alvar Library and Flora Coffee Shop will each get a station, and several stations will line the edges of the French Quarter.

The blue bikes are managed by Social Bicycles in partnership with the City. The program costs $15/month for residents and just $1.67 for those who qualify for “low-income.”

To find the location nearest you, check out this nifty interactive map.

We’re in a crisis and it’s time to start acting like it. The time for cute little “go vote” graphics has passed. People’s civil liberties and personal safety are at stake.

While there is plenty of blame to put on the media, they no longer control us. The Rupert Murdochs…

Guatemala is about as temperate as San Francisco, or so I find to my surprise as I step out of the plane onto the tarmac of the Aeropuerto Internacional de Guatemala. My father had told me to pack only short sleeves. However, I couldn’t resist bringing my favorite hoodie, which…

Stanford Rosenthal

Designing Design Education at Kenzie Academy

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